North Street Dairy has been a family business for the past 89 years and is now in its 4th generation. From what we can remember our great grandfather William Hebenton came to the dairy in 1918 when it was a small croft with its own cow which was milked and put into cans. This produce was then sold in Forfar by a daily delivery by horse and cart, customers having to supply their own jugs and flagons for filling.

Horse and Cart

William Hebenton passed away in 1935 and the business was then handed to his daughter and her husband, these names are more commonly known to Forfarians as Allan and Mrs Frances Mcleod. The dairy was then brought into a more modern era when Allan purchased milk from local farms in 10 gallon cans, bottled for the next days doorstep delivery. At this point in time there was quite a few local milkmen in Forfar
Regretably ill health took its toil on Allan and he joined the milk round in the sky, the business was passed onto Norman and Aileen Millar - Aileen being the daughter of Allan and Frances

Milk Churn

In the 1970's Dairy businesses went through a dramatic change with new health legislation enforcing milk to be Pastuerised before being sold to the general public. This lead to a complete change in production at North Street as you could no longer collect milk in cans and milk now delivered by tanker as it is to this very day.
This in turn lead to differnt types of milk being produced in different variations of packaging that we all use today.

All in all there has been a dramatic change to the Milkmans trade over the past 89 years in business and North Street Dairy is still situated in the same premises with Norman, Aileen & son Hamish seen on a daily on the Milk Cairts in and around the town.